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[ I have to give this role up. I'm just tired of this, and I've never been hardcore into doing a journal for her. If you have eyes, you've probably known that since I made it. So, basically, I'm closing the journal. I'm too possessive to give it to someone else, and there were a few good entries in here that I want to keep. If you want to make a new Masiela journal, awesome. Go for it. Best of luck. But do her justice, and don't make her out to be an asshole, and please play her better than I did. She deserves better. :-[ I'm keeping two people on my friends list, and they were the only two that ever meant anything to me. They can take me off if they want, but I'm still keeping them on. <3 I guess this is bye. It's been...interesting. ]
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[Aww, I'll miss Masiela, or Madde will, or whatever. :D Good luck!]
[ I'm going to miss you too, in the short time I knew you -hugs- try and find me...somewhere. :) ]